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Vacation dates:

Please make sure you have vacation dates in the system far enough ahead to cover through the end of your longest possible enrollments.
Otherwise expected end dates will be changed when vacation dates get added.


R. Gonzalez Management, Inc. (RGM) has been in operation servicing postsecondary institutions since January 1, 1980. We serve clients in 12 states and Puerto Rico. Our clientele represent undergraduate clock hour schools, credit hour non-term schools, credit hour term schools and post-graduate traditional term schools. This site contains a brief description of our services and a number of ways in which the RGM System can streamline the ever-changing burden of student record keeping at your institution. Though one document can never fully convey how comprehensive and easy our system is to use, it can give you an idea of the many controls in student aid processing, general school administration, record keeping and reporting capabilities included in our services.

RGM services do not replace a Financial Aid Officer!  They are tools for a Financial Aid Officer.

The RGM servicing system provides a complete set of transactions contained in databases that allow institutions to follow the student from the initial inquiry for enrollment through the process of enrollment, aid application, budgets, aid eligibility, awards made, aid disbursements (checks), tuition payments, accounts receivable (billing statement), aid funds to be paid, attendance, grades, FFELP/Direct Loan history, leave of absence, terminations, enrollment  status change, refund calculations (multiple calculations), forms tracking, default prevention, and placement. 

If you would like to know more, please visit About us